Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hive #1 for Lisa

This is for you Lisa!  Hope it is what you are looking for.  This was a fast and easy block to put together.  It is a littler larger than 16.5" and thought I'd let you trim it down.

Have a great Sunday!

Spin the Bobbin


Lisa C in GA. said...

lovely as always....I really love those DS prints and the seed print. Cutting it down is fine :) What grey did you end up using?

Lisa C in GA. said...

what is that print second from the bottom...the cream with little bits of blue and green? I just made a block with that for the Wonky Bee, but the bee mama sent the fabric so I didn't know the name

Cindy said...

Lisa....I used med. grey and I don't know the name of the DS print.....sorry. If you need some, I have plenty I can send you.

Lisa C in GA. said...

No, I was just admiring it :) I got your block in the mail today - the first to arrive. Gideon was excited as he counts it all as mail for him, lol. Your block was so perfectly flat...what kind of iron do you use? I've been looking at the $150 Oliso Pro ( it looks wonderful but will have to wait for Christmas with no job going :/