Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hive #2, blocks for August

First let me say, I fell in love with this block, when Leila used it for her skill builder. It is a paper pieced block, but you could probably do it using the freezer paper pieced method, if you wish.
Faith, from Fresh Lemons,   ( you will find instructions and templates there!)  has kindly permitted me to use her block, but I have a couple of 'wrinkles' that I would like to suggest.

Please, I want you to make all four bits of the block,but not to sew them together! There are so many variations on a theme with this block, I want to play with them, and decide which ones I want which way round!

So you are still making one 12.5" unfinished block, but you really are not finishing it, but sending me the quarters! Is that ok? I do hope so.

and please, can you make strip 5 the same fabric in each!

Here are some inspiration pictures,  Sorry, I couldn't get the attributions to copy and make sense, these are all borrowed from the flickr group,  We can do it! Skill builder sampler, except number 6, which is Faiths very beautiful block.

I have a lot more on my blog about tips and wrinkles with this block- do not be daunted with it- get in touch if there is a problem, because very little is mega, enjoy this lovely block!

So, this is what I have made for the sample, how I made it is on my blog!


Carol said...

Fabulous block!

laurel said...

Aw Rachel, you are so rad, I am excited to learn about you and make this block!

LYNN said...

Looks like a fun block!

mammafairy said...

I really hope you are all going to love it as much as I do!