Monday, January 8, 2018

January 2018 Hive 1 block for Diana

This is my first year with Stash Bee, although I've followed the blog for a year or two.  I love the idea of using up my stash to contribute to quilts that others are making.  I've been gravitating toward more modern looking quilts lately, so I enjoyed making your block, Diana.

You asked for media suggestions.  I must be on a western kick, because recently I finished the Longmire series and the Godless limited series on Netflix.  I loved them both.  Strong women in the West.  I'm also enjoying the British women monarchs on The Crown and Victoria.  Last night I started the book Manhattan Beach, which my husband read and liked.  I hope you try some of them out.

Here are the two blocks I made this month.  It was just as easy to make two as one.  One is my favorite color green and my granddaughters' favorite color of orange.

Kathie L from Allentown, PA

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Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

Ooh, I love them both. Orange is one of my favorite colors too!