Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hive 1 - January Block for Diana

Can't believe how quickly January has flown by!  Last weekend and I'm playing the "must post" get my block posted game!!

After a couple of years hiatus from Stash Bee, I'm back and looking forward to it!

I'm living in the UK, with my hubster and my 3 black cat furbabies.   I'm a European Quality Director for a multi national 1st Tier automotive company, so a lot of travel and stress, so knitting and sewing keeps me sane.

So Diana - here's your block - hope you like!  :)

I don't tend to watch tv when I'm sewing, I do listen to "Simon Mayo Confessions" (available on itunes - a BBC Radio 2, show segment pulled into a weekly podcast)

I do love Netflix - I'm a Marvel netflix original girl, so like luke cage etc....  Also Designated survivor (who doesn't like a bit of Keifer Suterland!)...  currently on a Amazon Prime binge as all the old Grey's Anatomy series have been released - so back to series 1 - only 14 to go!!!

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Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

Thank you Jo, I love the colors! I'm a Designated Survivor fan - yes, who doesn't love a bit of Keifer. :) I can't believe that Grey's Anatomy has 14 seasons! I think I stopped at season 4. Might have to go back and rewatch all of them. Thanks for the suggestions.