Monday, January 1, 2018

Hive #7 January 2018 Tutorial

YEAH!  Stash Bee 2018 has begun!!

My name is Laura and this is my third year involved in STASH BEE!

{I love it}

To start this fabulous year Hive #7 will be making 


I've seen several tutorials on making this block, 
aka an asterisk block.
I put this tutorial together to get the size I want.

We will be making four snowflakes.

Color inspiration:

Think Saltwater Taffy or Cotton Candy

For each flake cut:
1-7" square pastel fabric
1 - 1" strip of low volume or white fabric

First cut the square in 2 pieces corner to corner.

Sew the strip on one half of block and press toward the strip.

Line up the other half like so and sew across.  
Press to the white strip.
{all pressing will be towards the strip}

Next, cut the block on the opposite corners.

And add the strip in the same manner.
Always pressing to the white.

When sewing the second half on, try to line
up the white strips.

I'm okay with a little wonky :)

Now cut the block in half down the center.

Add the white strip.

Cut again.

Add another strip.

Voila!  A perfect little snowflake!

This is what the back looks like. It lays very nicely!

Trim the block to 6.5"

You have the option of sewing all four squares together to make 
one 12.5" block or
you can leave them separate and send as 4 6.5" blocks.

These look like a lot of work, but they really do go together rather quickly,
especially if you do all four at the same time like an assembly line.

My plan is to mix the snowflakes with a few
of these sweet little snowman blocks by
to make a super sweet winter quilt!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Peace to all- Laura
January 2018

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Rose Braun said...

Love this Laura. I may give this a try. The snowmen look so sweet with the pastel snowflakes. Love this. Rose