Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hive 2 Block for Heather

Hi all,
Paper pieced blocks are a challenge as my printer does not have an "actual size" or 100% setting and the patterns always print small.  So, I play around with enlarging and can usually get close. But this time.. it was a struggle so I contacted Heather to send me papers but something happened and I never got them.  So, I went ahead and made the alternate block and I'll also send the Circle of Geese block that I made but I think it's a tad too big. 

It's been a fun year! I've got my top pieced together but need to decide if I'm going to do borders and then to quilt it on my longarm.



Cyndi said...

Well you spinning block looks great. Hope she can use it.

Chris said...

That top block certainly is gorgeous!