Monday, September 26, 2016

September Hive 5 - Black Cats for Cheryl

September Hive 5 - Black Cats for Cheryl

Thank goodness I have a month to get my act together.  Because that's how long it took, hoping Cheryl doesn't take it personally.  Certainly had nothing to do with these cute cat blocks, they're adorable.  I used some chemistry fabric on a couple of them and I think they turned out pretty interesting and unusual.  Finished them at midnight last night, fitting for a bunch of black cats.

In the bright morning sun today tried to snap a photo of my old crabby orange cat Dusty with your blocks with limited success.  He wasn't impressed, but then again he never is.

Should be able to post these today as I picked up a USPS envelope earlier in the month.

Thanks for a great tutorial, I enjoy Elizabeth Hartman's blog.  Your quilt is going to be AWESOME and I look forward to seeing the finish.

Susan Pray


C Bachman said...

Aww wow! Love them! Aren't they fun to make? Big thanks to Dusty for posing with them 🐾

Jane Holbrook said...

Susan! Your blocks are the cat's pajamas. I want to see close ups of the chemistry fabric. Maybe you used some on the surprise thing??? If it is the white fabric, that is? And I am somehow comforted that your cat and mine both refused to cooperate, you'd think they would be a teensy bit agreeable considering it was cat blocks, for peet's sake... xo