Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hive 1: September Modern Stars

Hello and welcome to September Hive 1 bee~mates!

My name is Laura VanVleet from 
Northern Michigan and I'm very excited about 
doing this month's tutorial!

For my block this month, I would love for you 
to each make me a scrappy modern star
using  half square triangles.

I'm not sure where I originally saw this star block, but I sketched it 
in my idea notebook for a future project.  Unfortunately, I do 
not know the name of this star block.  If you do, please post it here!

 I'm looking for monochromatic, bright stars with low volume, white on white or white and black fabrics for the background. 

Please no creams, tans or muddy colors.  
I'm looking for a clean, crisp look!

Let's get started:

 Cut {8} 4" squares in your bright color of choice.
Cut {8} 4" squares white, white on white or white with black.

We will be making half square triangles.  This is how I like to do them.  
They pretty much come up perfect each time.  Feel free to use your own method, if you wish.

On each white square, draw a line from corner to corner.

Place one white square on each colored square, right sides together.
Sew a scant quarter inch on each side of the line.

After sewing, cut on the pencil line and
iron toward the darker fabric.

This is the fun part -  some of the blocks will look a little wonky!

Line your square on the block with the angle line on the seam line.

Trim block to 3.5".  I find it's easier to trim all four sides.  
Trim the first 2 sides, leaving it just over 3.5".
Flip and trim the other side to exactly 3.5".

I love how perfect these come out!

Once all little blocks are trimmed, create the layout for your star like this:

The star goes together pretty easy!

I found that pressing the seams open from here on out work best.

I did my block in quarters.....then sewed it all together.

Voila!  It's a beautiful, scrappy star measuring 12. 5".

Please let me know if you have any questions.  It took
just under an hour, start to finish, to complete one star.
They look complicated, but go together pretty fast!

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your bright, fabulous scrappy stars!

Thanks so much,