Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hive 4: September Block for Gayle

This was a really fun block for me!  The color choice of turquoise & pink was the perfect match for my stash as those are two of my favorite colors.  I was surprised at how quickly the block went together.  This is one of those blocks that  looks more difficult than it really is.   Gayle, I hope they will work well with the other blocks you receive.  This should turn out to be a fun quilt!

Here are the two blocks I ended up with.  They are displayed on my new mini design board, courtesy of Carmit's most helpful recent tutorial!  The blocks will go out in tomorrow's mail.


Gayle said...

Love them both. Can't wait to put them all together!

rappy said...

Love the frame, Toni! The blocks look lovely in it!