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As I completed the questionnaire last month for Hive 4 , I will skip some of the questions but will try to change some up so as not to be too boring! I am a Gemini so I have 2 sides!  

1.Name? Sandra

2. Second hardest quilt thing you have ever made?

.  My very first workshop after I finished my introduction to quilting classed was a Baltimore Album techniques class taught by the wonderful Rosemary Mahkan.  She was teaching how to make a woven basket with handmade bias tape wavy stems, making rosettes with silk, ruching roses, broderie perse and hand appliqué! I had no idea what I had got myself into!  She was a fabulous patient teacher and I did manage to come away with some knowledge but it took me months to master the appliqué stitch!  I have yet to finish that basket of flowers! 

3. Second favorite dessert food? My second favorite dessert is lemon bars!

4. Last time you laughed REALLY hard (and what was so funny)?

I watched Bridesmaids last night and although at times it was in bad taste, I found it hysterical, especially Melissa McCarthy!

 5. Life philosophy? I love this quote from Maya Angelou that I read and try to remember and put into practice EVERYDAY, especially at school when I am dealing with my students!

  June block for Hive 1 is the Bird Block by Sophie at the Sophie Junction blog!

(used with her permission-thanks Sophie!)

click the WORD Bird under this picture.        
It is a pdf file, which opens with Adobe Acrobat.

The tutorial is quite detailed, but easy to follow and very complete.  Read through it all as it makes it easier to piece the bird.

 I will point out some areas that I found tricky!

I would like Kona Ash as the background color, as previously mentioned.
 If you are looking for color inspiration for the birds, check out Design Seeds, specifically this link for wonderful palettes featuring birds!

Some of my faves are:

I would like 2 blocks please-they are 6.5 x9.5’’ unfinished. 

Kona Ash is the SKY fabric           
  BODY any bright fabric, preferably solid or tone on tone

WING any bright fabric, preferably solid or tone on tone that contrasts well with the body

-no florals or multicolored prints here please         
BLACK for the beak and legs 


1. -the 4 and 7/8’’ squares SHOULD be cut as 5’’ squares and then on the diagonal for both the wing and the sky-much easier to trim

2.-the beak was tricky-I found it easiest to fold the 1.5’’ square in half diagonally and place it in the right corner of the 4.5’’ x 1.5’’ ASH rectangle and move it up and to the right to get good placement.  I did not trim the double layer of fabric as it adds stability.

3.-the legs-press the seams toward the background  

I don’t mind right or left facing or shorter or taller birds. 
Please DO NOT put EYES on them!

Thanks, I cannot wait to see what y’all come up with!

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