Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hive #2, July Block

The Pattern: This guy is really quite easy – just a string pieced 6 ½ 60 degree triangle. If you have a 60 degree triangle, I suggest using it, because they make it super easy. If not, I’ve created a .pdf of a proper size triangle that you can download here. You can either print it out and use it as a template, or print it out and use it as a paper foundation. The strips can be regular, or wonky.

The Fabrics: I don’t have any specific color I’d like you to use but I do have a request: I’d like random, character, and ugly fabrics. Seriously. Scraps from a Thanksgiving table runner and batiks? Go for it. Old Aunt Gracies and American prints? Sounds great! I have realized that I have just a crazy assortment of scraps in my stash from the years, It’s my goal to use them up these year, and I’m looking forward to adding the crazy scraps from other quilters to the mix. ☺

I’d love as many or as few blocks as you’re willing to send along. Thanks!


Rebeckah Austin said...

Thank you for this supper easy and fun block!

mammafairy said...

Just checking, please, you do want each side to measure 6.5", not the height of the triangle to be 6.5"? Don't you?

cheeky monkey said...

looks great and thanks for the opportunity to get rid of those fabrics! I am sure together they look all great.
Rachel I think it is the sides. It should be a 60 degree angle. but I did not have the chance to look at the pdf

SaraVictorious said...

Sorry for the delay! Yes, each side should measure 6.5".