Monday, July 1, 2013

HIVE # 4 JULY 2013

... hello ladies... BIG SURPRISE!! I was to be QUEEN BEE for October..... but I opened an e-mail marked URGENT... and here I am as JULY!!!

REMEMBER when looking for my address go to Diane McClure for October xx

I was queen Bee for October 2013 in Hive #3 ... so go there if you want to know about me xx

When I agreed to move up to July I had NO IDEA of what block to ask for.. I have PLENTY of blocks in my head... just which to ask for?

THEN I was talking to my daughter this morning (via Skype)and she reminded me that Blair (her partner) is ALWAYS moaning that I say I will make him a quilt .. but never do! Mind you they live in Australia so I don't have to listen to the moaning .. very often.. so I have been ignoring him !!! lol x

SO .ladies are you up for kick starting Blair's quilt ?xx

I started with a 2 1/2 inch RED square

THEN added 1 1/2 inch strips until I had a 12 1/2 inch block,
the LIGHT sides are cream/beige.

I made a BROWN one... 

and a GREEN one ...

a PURPLE one, and a GREY one ..

hope you ladies are up for it ... DON'T FORGET ... it is Diane McClure ... who was OCTOBER

Thanking you in advance xx

Diane xx


LYNN said...

Do you want them in these colors only or can we use other colors for the dark.

Cyndi said...

How many blocks are we supposed to do?

Alison said...

And are the off-color sides cream or white?

Carol said...

Lights are supposed to be cream/beige

Diane-crewe said...

have hopefully answered your questions in post to-day.. thanks for your patiencx