Saturday, February 2, 2019

Hurray! Hive 4 2018 Finishes. Baby Polaroid “Eye Spy” Quilts

Thanks to the generosity of my Beemates from 2018 Hive 4, who sent so many adorable Polaroid pictures to me that I was able to make two quilts!  One will go to baby Camden, born to a family of teachers, and the other is being sent to Project Linus in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I feel so grateful to be part of such an inspiring and generous group- the Stashbees. A special thank you to Robin for donating the perfect backing. After these were finished, I started tidying up my sewing space and found more blocks, so if yours were not in these finishes, I will be using them in my orphan block quilt later this year which will also be a Project Linus gift. Aho.

ABC Backing
Project Linus


Emily said...

So cute! I love seeing all the Polaroids! Great quilt, and great that you could make more than one from your blocks!!

Anna said...

Wow, that's a lot of quilts. Congrats on the finishes.