Monday, October 1, 2018

Hive 7 - October Block for Rachel

Hi everybody, here's the  October block: Hidden Gems  designed by Diane at From Blank Pages, I just love her work! 

The pattern comes with detailed instructions, cutting templates if you like to use those for FPP, and coloring pages that help with fabric placement. Also, Diane has paper piecing instructions on her site that are fabulous if you need them. 

The colors you'll need include:
  • Three shades of blue - I’m hoping for a transparency effect in the points where they overlap
    • a light
    • a medium,
    • a dark   
  • At least two teals in slightly differing shades so there’s some contrast when they’re assembled next to each other
  • Random low volume white scraps
  • Random low volume black scraps

Here's my sample block: 

Here's a tile I did, just to see the effect of the blocks together: 

Yours will be added to the blocks I received from my other bee earlier this year (love them!). I'm aiming for enough for my queen size bed (don't mind the one in the lower-right corner, it just needs to be rotated :) 

The block went together really well, her patterns always do. I will say I was glad to have basted the last seam as I pulled it out and pinned some of the points - it's a long diagonal and even though it's on a paper foundation, it was a little touchy. 

Let me know any questions!

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