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Hive 6 October Tutorial - Pineapple Block for Martha Grace

Hello Hive 6 - I am very excited about posting my block!

If you are like me, which I believe is probably true due to all of us wanting to be part of this Stash Bee experience because quilting is such a part of our souls, then I know that all year you have been expectantly awaiting the first of each month to see what Stash Bee challenge is posted!

I say challenge because it seems that every month I have stewed over how to best fit each Hivemate’s request while using fabrics that I have accessible, sewing skills that I am continually developing, and time that never seems to be enough!

Please allow me to describe my motivation for choosing my block . . .

My dear friend, Belinda, is always serving others through her gift of hospitality. She holds a full-time administrative/receptionist  job at a local elementary school, is a pastor’s wife, and is a wife, a mother, and a friend to thousands! She successfully fulfills all of these roles I due to her being given the gifts of humor, graciousness, discernment, and hospitality. Her home is always open, and she is always serving others. She loves pineapples, so I would love to make her a pineapple quilt to use as a throw since the pineapple is seen as a symbol of hospitality.

I spent hours looking at different pineapple blocks, staying away from “the quilter’s pineapple block,” as Belinda is not a quilter and wouldn’t recognize it. Due to her petite 5’2” stature I decided on a, what I think is really cute, recognizable, and not too time-consuming, pineapple block that is little - a six inch one!

Here is a photo of one block I sewed last night.

Isn't it adorable?!?!?!?

Here are the instructions that I used last night to sew my block:

I screenshot this pattern. It is the pieced version of the Moda Blockheads 2 pattern for Week 8 of this year. The Moda version is an applique on that is really cute, as well. If you are interested, you can see it by clicking on this link: .

You can find out all about this pieced version by typing, "Blockheads Week 8 - Coriander Quilts" in a search engine or clicking on .

Note: I am wondering if I am the only person who has to continually measure all along the way in order for my seams to match well and my block to end up the correct size?!?!?!? If someone would let me know how she just sews and it all comes out well without measuring all along the way, please let me know as my constant measuring throughout my sewing of a block makes me an extremely slow sewer!!!

Now, for colors to use:

If possible, please use as as happy and bright green and yellowish/goldish/pineapplish prints if possible for the pineapple - no solids!

For the background, please only use solid white like Kona Snow or a white-on-white - no color, not even a cream or an off-white!!!

I found that the following pressing helped me to nestle seams together nicely:

   (1) After cutting the excess part of the one-inch white square blocks on the pineapple fabric to make a quarter-inch seam allowance, press the seam allowance to the pineapple fabric side.

    (2) After cutting the excess part of the one-inch white square blocks sewn onto the green rectangle, to make a quarter-inch seam allowance, press the seam allowance to the white fabric side.

     (3) After cutting the excess part of the green one-inch square blocks on the middle white rectangle on the top row to make a quarter-inch seam allowance, press the seam allowance to the green fabric side.

      (4) Please press all other seams open.

Here is a picture of the pressing on the backside of the block I sewed.

If you would like to piece some fabrics together for the pineapple fruit or use different greens together for the leaves, this is fine - the pineapple fruit doesn't have to be just one fabric - just no solids, please.

If you want to make more than one block due to this pattern lending itself to being able to be put together quickly, then please do - this quilt will demand a large number of these six-inch blocks!

If you want to make a block using the applique instructions, then please do!

I hope that this block will satisfy everyone's creative streak and sewing expertise.

It has been so helpful for me to see how everyone has interpreted this year's instructions every month! I am so thankful to be able to sew again and have been blessed to have been given this opportunity to learn from each of you.

I so appreciate your time in helping me to thank my dear friend for all of the time she has invested in making others lives awesome! I also appreciate the opportunity to get to know each of you this year!!

If you have any questions, please email me at .

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