Thursday, December 10, 2015


This year was my first year doing the stash bee. I have really enjoyed making everyone blocks and getting out of my comfort zone. during my month I ask for  a criss cross scrappy block in either orange or blue. These blocks went into  quilts for my grandsons because their mom who had passed away loved orange and blue.  My hive went out of their  way and made extra blocks for me so that I did not have to add to many of my own. I would like to thank everyone from Hive 4 who made my blocks. I have attached the pictures below with my 2 grandson. Thanks again.


Guilitta said...

Beautiful. Where can I find this block??

Greeting Guilitta

Chiska said...

The quilts turned out so great! What cuties your grandsons are.

June D said...

Very nice finishes.