Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hive 3 Swoon blocks made into a fab quilt for Alzeheimers assoc.

My lovely lovely stash bee peeps. Thank you ... This quilt is almost completed as I am mid binding and will go to the assoc for their fund raiser in December.  I had some blocks remaining and am using those to make pillows to go in as extra prizes.

What was fascinating was to see how many different choices we made in the making of this block and I am aware that some found it slightly more challenging than others . This quilt has a light and energy of it's own and I am truly going to struggle with parting with it .

The quilting is a mix of hand and machine free motion.  I have done a scrappy binding . Thank you for your help and support and of course that lovely special person who made some "extras " .

As a group I was saddened we lost a few along the way  as well as the postal system appearing to eat a lot of my blocks . Apparently postal packages don't swim well . However it was great to be part of something that was international and knowing we made all those quilts .

Go Hive 3 !

love from Raven


Christy said...

Wow, that is completely gorgeous!

Nancy D. said...

Yay! It looks great. Thanks for sharing the finished top. I love how they all blended so well together. I'm glad to be part of it:0)

Carol said...

What a beautiful quilt. The colors are so inviting!

laurel said...

so awesome!

Julie said...

This is wonderful! I liked your block choice. Thank you for posting, Raven!