Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 - Hive 4

I'm Chelsa and I live in Gilbert, AZ. 
I grew up in Utah & moved here about 10 years ago for work.
I live in a very fun/cute retro neighborhood that has grass!  (I hate cactus!)
I'm single & have a tiny chihuahua named Dixie!  She goes everywhere with me :) 
I recently found out she is sick and doesn't have very long so it's been a rough summer :(
But, I love that she is always in the mix of my sewing! 
She is on my lap or laying on my fabric or sitting on the bed in a pile of pom-poms watching me. <3

I learned to sew from my Mom who is amazing! 

I come from a long line of quiltresses.
I got into sewing after college b/c of the fabric!  Such fun fabric with fun colors drew me in! 
I love doing the math to tweak or make something unique. 
I like a quick project like pennants or pillows but its most rewarding quilting for someone & giving it away!

I joined the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild last summer it's SO fun!
I've made such great friends & learned new things & pushed myself out of my box a lot!

I love a challenge but the hardest thing for me I think is the finishing...
Binding - eek.  I hate linking the binding at the end.
I used to send all my quilts to my Mom to bind, ha.
Last fall she showed me the easiest way to hand bind & I've done a couple myself so far!

The first thing I probably sewed was a pillow - then a flowery dress with a very large white round collar!  ha!  I have a blog but I've been terrible about updating it.  One of my favorite projects is this jagged hearts quilt.

My favorite dessert is cupcakes or cherry ice cream.
I work for a technology company & do accounting.

I can't remember the last time I laughed really hard but,I kind of have a lot of blonde moments so the best is probably when I tried to buy bras with my library card!  The cashier swiped the card about 4 times then finally looked at the card and said, "I'm sorry, we don't take library cards!"  ha!  It's the only one I brought so I had to leave my skivvies at the counter :)

My life philosophy is "Bigger & Better"
Keep growing & pushing upward & if something doesn't work out...
Bigger & Better is next!

The block I'd like for August is the Oragami Star by Sukie.
This block is part of a virtual quilting bee hosted by Diary of a Quilter & I really liked this one!
The tutorial is here but I'd like it larger.

I would like you to please use red & whites.  I'm going for true red if possible. 
Please do the inner pieces out of the most red background that you have.
The 2nd/inside row the mostly white background with red accent
& the outer points/strip any red & white variation.
Kona Aqua is the backgound/corners.

 The measurements I'd like are:
Inside red & outter red/white cut 2 1/2" x 6 3/4" (4 pieces per block, ea.)
Middle white w/ red section cut 2 3/4" x 6 3/4" (4 pieces per block)
Aqua corners 3 3/4" square (12 per block)

This block was super easy and only took me a few minutes.
After sewing, you'll have a 13" block.
Please use 1/4" seams and press seams to one side on ea. quadrant and open on the cross seams of the whole block.

Please make 2 if possible :)  Thanks!!!

Let me know if you have any questions or need me to mail you some Kona Aqua.
Thanks & Happy Sewing!



LYNN said...

Love the block! Thanks for the laugh, I'm glad I'm not alone when I have a blond moment.

Christyw said...


Christyw said...
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Christy said...

Chelsia, I would love to receive some kona aqua from you. I have looked everywhere but can not find your email addy to request it!


Carol said...

Loved the shopping story. I think the cashier was having the blonde moment not you if she had to swipe in 4 times to figure out it was a library card! LOL

Christy said...

Chelsia, Thank You sew much! I received some Kona aqua from you today! I will send an extra special something to repay you! Much appreciated! :)

Cyndi said...

So, things are conspiring against me when it comes to sewing! I'm working in Yellowstone this summer, and just haven't felt like sewing. Until now. I've injured my finger - imagine not being able to correctly hold a rotary cutter or scissors - and it's one of the reasons we're leaving early. I decided to spend my last day off sewing, and had earlier cut out all the pieces for the two blocks. Once I finished sewing everything together, I went to do a little trimming, and my rotary cutter broke. I didn't bring a backup, so that means that the two other swaps I'm in will have to wait until I get home next week. But the two blocks for Stash Bee are done! I'll be taking pics next week once I get them trimmed a little bit. I love the combination of red, white, and aqua. It'll make a striking quilt!