Friday, October 26, 2012

Hive 2 November Blocks

Here are my Hive 4 October blocks

And here are my Hive 2 October blocks (I'm taking over for Dana Szucs)

And here is are the HIVE 2 November blocks:
Since Dana is unable to participate in Hive 2 since she is sailing about. She offered to allow me to take her spot. I am requesting two blocks --one a self portrait, the other a portrait of your favorite pet. I made three pets because I could not say anyone of my pets is less a favorite than the other.

Self Portrait

My Kittty Mr. Spine

My baby girl.....Cuddles

My baby boy ...Snuggles
To see a brief tutorial visit my blog:


Danny Heyen said...

Great blocks! Welcome!

Danny Heyen said...

Would you like a specific color background, or will any color do?

Carol said...

OMG. That is just too fun!!!

Carol said...

What size blocks? Did you want the applique sewn down?

Stephanie Granite said...

If you go to the tutorial on her blog it says it all: the blocks should measure 10" square (so they end up 9 1/2" squared when they're sewn together), and the background is Kona Orchid. And I don't think she mentioned it but I'm pretty sure she wants the applique sewn down.

cheeky monkey said...

hihi, if we don't sew it to the Kona orchid we would not need any background *gg*

Oh no, I need to have a look in the mirror now :(

Unknown said...

Thanks Stephanie! I do want them sewn to the background. I said Kona Orchid but any Kona purple will do....I just want them to look good together. I do hope you have fun with this block.