Monday, October 1, 2012

October Block for Hive #2 - Book Shelves

And now for the October Block for Hive #2:
I love reading and fell in love with this idea for a quilt especially since it could be easily adapted to each hive member's personal stash and tastes. 

I would like to ask everyone in my hive to do four (4) book shelf quilt blocks that measure 6 1/2" unfinished versus the larger one.  Really it can be anything (just think about what your own bookshelves look like) as long as the blocks measure 6 1/2" square when completed so that when sewn together they will equal 6" quilt blocks.  I do ask that on the background you use Kona Black if possible. If you don't have that fabric, feel free to just do "books" that would cover the entire background or show just a little background. Also, I would encourage those who want to be more creative to do so and it is OK to use selvages for book titles, etc. Just think about what your own bookshelves look like and go from there. 
To help you, I included some photos of my own bookshelves.  I deliberately did not straighten them up because I wanted everyone to get a sense of the type of stuff that is OK.

For those who don't want to necessarily just freestyle their blocks, Block Central ( has paper piercing templates that will work great.  Feel free to pick and choose the ones that you would enjoy doing but you will want to use primarily the below patterns:
Books and Photo Frame - 6" paper-pieced quilt block pattern.
Bookshelf 1 - 6" paper-pieced quilt block pattern.
Bookshelf 2 - 6" paper-pieced quilt block pattern.
Bookshelf 3 - 6" paper-pieced quilt block pattern.
Book Stack - 6" paper-pieced quilt block pattern.

Tips for Printing, Cutting, and Using the Free Bookshelf Quilt Block Patterns Listed Above
You will need to cut the pattern(s) apart to have the pieces needed for making this quilt. I would suggest printing at least two of the quilt block templates. By doing this, you will have one for using to cut out the pieces for the blocks. The other page will be used as a guideline for making the block sections.  You will want to put the block together in the numerical order listed on the pattern. 

Be sure to put numbers on the pieces so you know which ones they are. Some of the quilt pieces will look the same when you have the pattern off of the fabric providing you are cutting them with the right side out. If you are cutting the pieces with the fabric folded, be sure to check the corner pieces because one will be turned the opposite direction of the pattern when you turn it over. It is okay if it is a mirror image of the original pattern as long as it looks like books or knick-knacks on a shelf.

All of these bookshelf quilt block patterns can be used to make one quilt since they are all six inch blocks (6 1/2" unfinished). Please do not sew your completed 6 1/2" blocks together since I will be assembling them (and frequently rearranging) before applying the borders, etc. When complete you should have four (4) separate 6 1/2" blocks which will then be mailed to me.

Examples of blocks I made for this quilt:

 Bookshelf 1 Pattern

Bookshelf 2 Pattern with a slight modification:

 (NOTE:  I put this one together out of order but it is still OK)

Bookshelf 3 Pattern:

And then one freestyle showing no background:

Example of how it would look put together minus the borders which I will be applying:

I will be doing additional blocks which will feature knick-knacks/photos and will post those as I get them completed.  Also, I am searching for a wood grain fabric for the "shelves" and would appreciate any leads. 



laurel said...

Harts fabrics always has a wood grain lookin pattern.

Rachelle Caldwell said...

Laurel-Thanks for the lead! I really like the red or orange options.

Elvy Crafts said...

What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to get started.

Quilting Lodge said...

Just out of curiosity do you care what colors we use? Any preferences or favorites?

Rachelle Caldwell said...

I do prefer bright colors but it is OK to use up whatever you have in your stash. If possible it would be great to have contrast between the different books. Thanks for asking.

Quilting Lodge said...

You got it! :O)

Danny Heyen said...

Such a fun idea! I love it!