Monday, May 5, 2014

Starry Starry Knight

Hey gals! 
I had this all typed up on Friday, sorry it didn't get posted! 
So... I totally fell in love w/ Sara's Lone Star Block! 
So much so... that I made it my profile pic at work, it's my phone screen saver and now that I'm obsessed... That is my block for this bee! :) <3 <3 <3 :)
Hi!  My name is Chelsa and I love color, I'm always late & I live on the center of the sun... Gilbert Arizona.  ha.  I'm from Utah where it's beautiful and they have seasons and it's green!  So, I found a little subdivision here in AZ that doesn't allow cactus and they have grass!  I am super into my patio right now, my Dad built me a cute pergola patio slatted cover and I am a succulent growing queen!
I am single but I get to love on all my friend's chicklets!  Which is pretty great, being loved by 10 year olds :) 
This is my family, we got to go to Hawaii for Christmas!  So fun! 
I became interested in quilting after college when I started seeing lots of fun, funky, colorful fabric!  I love fabric!  So I started making lots of baby quilts for friends and after about 5 years, finally made myself a quilt. 
My stash... needs to be organized!  ha ha.  My friend who has an professional organization company is dying to get her hands on it and make it pretty.  I have one bookcase by color, one by project. 
My favorite fabric designers... hmmm.  I like Amy Butler, Kaffe, Liberty, ... or... all fabric! 
My favorite tool is the block lock.  It's awesome, it helps you trim your blocks perfectly!  It has a groove under the shape and you put the groove on your seam and can trim precisely!
Fictional character, hmm.  I read a lot and I love movies.  I'm reading a cute series that takes place in the 1950's.  The main character is a young girl, Flavia de Luce!  She is into science (I am so not) & poison, but she solves mysteries and plays pranks on her sisters.  The author is an 80 yr old man!  Which is so interesting that he can write from the point of view of a young teen girl!  Very very fun books!  The first one is called 'The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie'.  Check them out!
Anywho!  Onto the block!  Please use the tutorial that Sara provided here by Alia.
Here are my color choices.  Please use one of each of the 5 colors for the star!
Please use modern fabric.
Happy Yellow, Navy, Gray, Mint & Coral
 Please use text print on the outside pieces.
Light background (cream or white) with gray or black writing.
(also, black or gray dots on light background is ok)
I'm happy w/ prints and mixing, just try not to add any outside colors like brown or red or baby blue or royal blue. 
*Mint:  please make sure your prints are minty... like not leafy green or sage or kelly green.
*Coral: please try to use coral or light sherbet orangy if you don't have coral, not pink.
*Grays: you can use any gray print, cream or white in it is ok.
*Yellow:  Please use bright, happy yellow!  Not pastel on the yellows.
Like Alia's tutorial, please don't trim your outside pieces, I'll take care of that. 
I love how fast and easy this block turned out to be.
Please press your seams open. 
Sara's tip about trimming the star tips is great!! 
Same size as the tutorials :)
Oh I can't wait! 
Thanks gals! 

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