Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hive #2 - November Block for Laura (for Dana)

I am about to start packing to move and I did not want the move, my baby boy's birthday party and thanksgiving to get in the way of getting my block done.  This was a little scary to think about making this block, a picture of me HA!  But I thought about it and figure out I have this great tool to sew on faces... My 955 Viking Embroidery Machine.. So I was off and altered an existing embroidery I already had to make my face.  This was turning out to be a lot of fun...  Once done the big test was to show the finish block to my 3 year old son and see if he knew who it was.  I asked him who is this and he answered  a little slowly "Mommy?"... So it passed the Tot test, kind of and I figure it was a go.  But the animal block was hard, I have no pets at home and after seeing Lynn post, I figured I can make one of the pet my oldest son asked for  last year, a bird...a  Macaw Parrot in fact... And this block is the only bird that I will let in my house.


macaw parrot


Carol said...

Love your blocks. You look like a very happy person:)

LYNN @ KS Design Girls said...

Love your blocks!!

Sea Sew said...

really nice!