Stash Bee Rules

Sign-ups for 2019 will open on November 1st.

Here are some things to consider before signing up for the Stash Bee:

1. Stash Bee is open to quilters of all skill levels but be mindful of your expectations. We can't always match all quilters with the same level of skills.
2. Stash Bee is a modern virtual quilting bee meaning hive members can ask for modern blocks, modern techniques, and/or modern fabrics within the scope of the block restrictions. If you prefer more traditional blocks and more traditional fabrics (like reproduction fabrics, civil war prints, etc) then this bee is NOT for you.
3. Stash Bee is international friendly so you should expect to have 3-4 hive members from countries other than the U.S.
4. All blocks must be sewn by machine and use a ¼ inch seam.
5. Only use quilt shop quality fabrics and match the requested colors as closely as possible.
6. The Stash Bee has been designed for hive members to use their already existing stash. If your stash is not extensive or does not contain quilt shop quality fabrics, this bee may not be for you.
7. A Queen Bee may not request a specific fabric be used to complete their block unless the Queen Bee provides the fabric.

General Information:

Stash Bee consists of 7 hives, each containing 11 hive members and running for 11 months (January-November). Hives are grouped by design preference and skill level. All hive members create blocks from their own fabric stash and are not required to buy a specific fabric to complete the block. Queen bees are not required to send out fabric to their hive mates unless they choose to do so. 

How it works:

Each of the 11 members acts as “Queen Bee” for one month. Before their month arrives, the Queen is responsible for testing a block and creating a tutorial post on the Stash Bee blog. The blog post will also include pictures of color inspiration, her own fabric pull, and finished blocks. A Queen may use an online tutorial as long as the link is included in the blog post and the blog post includes pictures and descriptions of the block in progress. Hive mates then make and mail the requested block by the end of the month. Participants will not be allowed to take their turn as Queen Bee until all of their blocks for preceding months are completed.

See further explanation of participant roles here.

Stash Bee Monthly Timeline:

On the 1st of the month, Queen Bees should post their tutorials on the Stash Bee blog.
By the 7th of the month, any Hive Member needing to request an Angel block should submit the request to their Hive Mama. Hive Members should read the tutorial, pull fabric, and note if there are any special techniques necessary. By the last day of the month, all blocks should be finished, posted, AND mailed.

Stash Bee Tool Requirements:

It is expected that every member owns or has access to the following basic sewing/quilting supplies: rotary cutter, scissors, cutting mat, quilting ruler(s), sewing machine and needles, iron, ironing surface, thread, etc. Queen Bees may not chose blocks that require the purchase of a specific tool.

Stash Bee Angels:

If a hive member is unable to create a block for a certain month, she can request an Angel to create a block in her place. Angels can be any member of the hive who would be willing to make their block AND the block for the hive member who cannot fulfill her duties for the month.

See further explanation of participant roles here.

Stash Bee Social Media:

The Stash Bee blog is used for all of our tutorials, but new this year, depending on the preference you selected during sign-ups, you could have selected to be placed into a hive that uses Facebook or Instagram for much of its communication. Each month the members in these hives will be required to post their completed blocks on those platforms.

For those who prefer NOT to use Facebook or Instagram, that's fine too. You will be assigned to a hive that uses the blog and each month, those members will be required to post on the Stash Bee blog showing their completed block before sending it out to the Queen.

Choosing a block:

Because this is a stash-centered bee, blocks will be scrappy by nature. This is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a block – picking a block that can be made well by people all over the world and still look good when combined together in one quilt.

Requested blocks may be no more than 16” finished (16.5” unfinished) square.
One block should not take more than 1.5 hours on average to create. Blocks may not be copied from any copyrighted work -- ie. a book, magazine, or stand-alone pattern. Queens may request ONE block per hive mate. Queen Bees may not request a brand-specific fabric to be used in their blocks.

Blocks should be made with precision and accuracy. Be diligent about seam allowance. Be mindful of thread color choice and thread tension. If your block is not the required size, contact the Queen Bee directly to discuss issues with the tutorial and how to proceed.

Queen Bees receiving poorly constructed blocks should first contact their Hive Mama with any construction concerns that they may have. Hive Mamas and the Bee Mama will discuss how to handle Hive Members whose block construction is repeatedly of low quality.

Click here for additional Block Expectations.

Fabric choices:

The Stash Bee does not allow Queen Bees to ask for specific fabric to be used in her blocks unless she is willing to provide the fabric to be used to all members of the hive. Requesting a white solid is acceptable, requesting Moda Bella White is not.

It is reasonable for a Queen Bee to request that her hive mates use or minimize use of certain styles of fabrics, but must understand that everyone is working within the limitations of their own stash and may not have exact matches in their stash. Giving general requests is allowed; giving overly-specific requests borders on requesting specific fabric be used which is not allowed.

All fabrics used must be quilt shop quality fabric. Quilt shop quality fabrics are typically exclusively available at quilt shops or online fabric shops. Any fabric other than quilt shop quality quilting weight cotton fabric should stay in your stash and not be used in your Stash Bee blocks. If a hive member feels a block they receive does not contain quilt shop quality fabric, they should contact their Hive Mama.

Click here for additional Fabric Expectations.

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