Block Expectations

Style, Construction, and Quality

While Stash Bee is primarily a modern bee, you will see a variety of block styles, ranging from a bit more traditional to very modern. Construction techniques can also vary based on the Queen Bee's request - improv piecing, appliqué piecing, foundation paper piecing - all could be requested.

Block Construction must comply with the following rules:
  • One block to be completed in 1.5 hours. Please time yourself when making a block. If it takes longer than 1.5 hours you may NOT request your hive mates to make that block.
  • The block can be made with standard quilting tools/supplies. If a block requires specialty tools then the queen must provide them to each hive member.
  • Block size is no larger than 16" finished (16.5" unfinished)

Some things to remember:
  • Stash Bee has the potential to expose you to new techniques and push your skills as a quilter. Sometimes a block requested by the Queen Bee might be more modern or traditional for your tastes, but it is always good to go out of your comfort zone and test the waters. 
  • Review tutorials early in the month is so that you have time to troubleshoot if necessary. Encountering a new technique does not permit you to send a poorly constructed block to a Queen Bee. Take the time to make a test block (or at least test the technique) if you have any hesitations. There are tutorials on YouTube and quilting blogs for every technique imaginable! 
  • Most months, the Queen Bee will have chosen a specific block in a specific color palette that she would like you to make. Other months the Queen Bee may be more general with her request -- for example, she may give you a color palette and request that you make any star block of your choosing.
  • Remember your good sewing techniques -- making bee blocks for others is not a place for haphazard sewing, cutting, measuring, etc. Many blocks will require an accurate (or scant) 1/4" seam and/or seam matching to obtain a properly sized and properly constructed block. These are basic quilting skills that no one, even master quilters, should take for granted. I know when we are making things for ourselves we might judge things to be “close enough” but please remember to be sending your best work to your Queen Bees. 

Pattern Use and Copyright Infringement.

Participants may not choose a block from any pattern, book, or magazine available for purchase only. Additionally, it is also poor etiquette to copy exactly a block from a book, magazine, or for-purchase pattern without permission by figuring out the dimensions exactly for yourself. You'd still be making that pattern available for free without the permission from the author/designer/publisher and infringing on their copyright.

It is acceptable to use a tutorial from another blog that is available for free. When using a free tutorial adapted from another blog, you MUST link to the original tutorial on the Stash Bee blog. You should not copy the tutorial in its entirety -- your bee mates should primarily use the original tutorial to direct their block making and your post should include any changes you would like made as well as any explanations of parts you think your hive mates may find difficult. You do not need to provide a step by step tutorial since one is already provided at the original tutorial source, but you should do your best to highlight any complicated parts of the block construction.

Traditional quilt blocks are blocks that no one person can truly claim ownership of and do not require any sort of permission for anyone to use. Designing a block yourself is another option, but please make sure that you've thoroughly tested the block and your cutting measurements are accurate.

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